Stoner Sonnets

Stoner Sonnet #1

We smoke late

We light up

We meet at the gate

We’re tryna see wassup

We smoke green

Roll up a whole tree

Fuck stayin’ clean

Puff & the mind’s free

We stay lit

We never trip

We gooooood, shit!

Who got the roach clip?

Whatchu think of the stars tonight?

Can somebody pass me a light?

Stoner Sonnet #2

Smoke in the air like milk curdles

Maryjane? Yeah, she’s Heaven sent

Breathe & meditate to overcome hurdles

I don’t know where my troubles went

Smoke til you drift like a wave

A lil’ spark of this to get you feelin’ content

This the medicine The Most High gave

Yeah I mean Elohim, God shit, Most High sent

Yeah I’m rollin’ up soon as I get in the car

Maryjane got my head right

Emily told me to leave my soul ajar

One puff &; everything’s a bit more bright

Mary asked me Will U spend the night?

I said Yeah baby ain’t no worries in sight



Cheers to the new year, to dancing, to holding hands, to speaking loudly, to laughing louder, to smiling with teeth, to learning, to losing, and to going places.

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