Stoner Sonnets

Stoner Sonnet #1

We smoke late

We light up

We meet at the gate

We’re tryna see wassup

We smoke green

Roll up a whole tree

Fuck stayin’ clean

Puff & the mind’s free

We stay lit

We never trip

We gooooood, shit!

Who got the roach clip?

Whatchu think of the stars tonight?

Can somebody pass me a light?

Stoner Sonnet #2

Smoke in the air like milk curdles

Maryjane? Yeah, she’s Heaven sent

Breathe & meditate to overcome hurdles

I don’t know where my troubles went

Smoke til you drift like a wave

A lil’ spark of this to get you feelin’ content

This the medicine The Most High gave

Yeah I mean Elohim, God shit, Most High sent

Yeah I’m rollin’ up soon as I get in the car

Maryjane got my head right

Emily told me to leave my soul ajar

One puff &; everything’s a bit more bright

Mary asked me Will U spend the night?

I said Yeah baby ain’t no worries in sight