Skincare from All The Girls

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset I’ve never really been one to pay much attention to my skin. I’ve been blessed with clear skin that gets tan and glowy in the summer, and that rarely breaks out. But when I do break out, it’s usually because of stress, and I stress even more over that break out. I also don't get enough sleep as terrible as it is (and as apparent as it is in photos... school is killing me ha) but I'm working on it. I’ve compiled some tips from some of my pals on what they do to deal with their zits & what not, no matter what kind of skin they have.


Combination skin

In the summer, my skin is dewy and honestly pretty ideal, but in the winter I get really dry and get some acne. I’ll put coconut oil on it after it’s cleaned properly, careful not to clog it, for it to have some moisture and not hurt as much. I’m vegan, and cutting dairy especially out of your diet will do wonders for your skin and the rest of your body. Believe me, the first step you can take towards better skin is being dairy free. I also take biotin, as a supplement for my hair, skin and nails.



Nicole loves using tea tree oil, as it is known for it’s ability for healing wounds, ranging from cuts and scrapes to insect bites to acne. Mix it with some witch hazel, and you have a miracle.


Bri normally uses pure African black soap and Kiehl’s ultra facial moisturizer, because they’re not irritating. She says that the moisturizer leaves her face really hydrated and doesn’t sting, like a lot of other products, especially alcohol-based ones. For Lent, my dearest Bri went plant based ad she said it feels like her skin has a more natural glow to it, and she can tell she’s more “fresh faced”. Finally, Bri stays woke and lets her #BLACKGIRLMAGIC shine through, so she doesn’t have to use many products anyway.


Super dry

Finding some Vitamin E oil in her house ended up being a savior for Sydney, since she hasn’t had acne for months since she started applying it every night. Her skin is bright and glowy now, and the vitamin E has helped a lot with the dryness and redness that comes with the winter months.



A lot of the time, less is more, and Emma applies that rule to her skin. She doesn’t do much, but for breakouts she uses tea tree oil. After washing her face with aloe foaming wash, she also spritzes rose water under her makeup for her skin to breathe in. She’s also VEGAN:)!!!!



Gul has a few steps, and I quote,

“ok here I go: 1. Literally every person out there says this but half don't do it TAKE OFF YOUR MAKEUP BEFORE GOING TO BED. 2. Wash your face every night. Get all that dirt off. If u dont have like a cleanser, at least wash it with just water. 3. DONT. POP. OR. PICK. AT. YOUR. PIMPLES!! I don't know how many times I have to say this but people do it all the time and it's so bad for your skin 4. Moisturize. Self explanatory. Keep your face moisturized. 5. Let your skin breathe once in a while. Put on a mask, MAKE a mask, or just let your skin chill for a bit. Your skin needs that breathe of fresh air. Too many products doesn't necessarily mean all of them are good for your skin.” Let me know what you do for your skin, and what some of the things you swear by are! Xo

With love, Jenna