March Favorites (kinda)

020_06a March was been one thing: mumbo jumbo (two things? Who knows). Things I did in the beginning of the month feel like they happened months ago, simply because I had so much going on. These faves are a little scattered, not necessarily categorized, messy; just the way I like it.

Taking photos- I’ve always been one to enjoy being behind the camera more than in front of it, but this month I really remembered how much I enjoy taking photos. I love taking pictures of anything, especially warm lighting, cities, shoes and the beach (Here's the disposable diary from the beach!). I highly recommend getting a disposable for the next trip or just day you spend doing fun things, because film just has a totally different vibe than digital.

Teen Vogue- Something I fell out of for a while was Teen Vogue. I felt like every issue was the same, and like they weren’t really doing anything meaningful. But at the end of February, TV released the first edition of their “Love Issue”... and this completely changed my mind back to what I hoped I would think again. I hoped I could still feel so excited ripping into a Teen Vogue fresh out of the mailbox again, and this did just that. The Love Issue features so much incredible content, I don’t even know where to start. The covers with Bella, Sasha and Troye are all just so good, and they stand for something even better inside. I also went to the Teen Vogue poetry slam in the beginning of the month with my friend Faith, and it was life changing. I have lots of photos, so let me know if a photo diary would be something you wanted posted! Well done, Teen Vogue.

Books- Without going into much detail, I tried to read as much as possible within March, among everything I had going on. Here are some of the books I read (and am still reading) and loved:

Eat Pray Love- Elizabeth Gilbert

In The Country We Love- Diane Guerrero

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao- Junot Diaz

#GIRLBOSS- Sophia Amoruso

Packing For Mars- Mary Roach

Messy Heads Issue 2

Acai bowls- Enough said. Thank you universe.

Learning- This may seem a little odd and very broad, but March really inspired me to delve more into things I want to learn about. Whether that be French, yoga, crystals or Hitchcock, taking interests in things you enjoy and actually putting in effort to educate yourself on them feels so incredibly good.

Thrifting- Always been a favorite, but I really scored at Goodwill this month. Vintage gap jeans, belts, scarves, sunglasses… the list goes on. I’m going to Florida next week, and am hoping I can post a lookbook after I get back of outfits I make with thrifted items! You hold a special place in my heart Goodwill.

And of course, my playlist for this past month. Cheers to you, March.

Xo, Jenna