Meet Darcy, The Mind Behind The Restless Times

At the beginning of this year, a million things were going on in the world, a majority of them seemingly bad. I was feeling extremely down, and felt like absolutely nothing good could come from all of this trouble. But one light that shone through towards the end of January was a newspaper called The Restless Times, and from then on I have fallen in love with everything that goes into this web publication, stemming from strong, built minds for other strong, evolving minds. I recently caught up with Darcy Campbell, the editor-in-chief, and creator behind the publication. What does restless mean to you?

Restlessness, to me, is the energy that builds up inside of an individual as a response to the world, their circumstance, and the circumstance of others. I can remember feeling restless as a child. Back then, it meant to me that an adventure was about to be born. I would feel the energy building up in me so I would grab my walkie talkie and backpack, and head out for an adventure around my childhood farm. As I grew older, restlessness definitely had a link to creativity. I would feel restless as I had so many ideas building up in my stomach, but I had no clue how to exact them and bring them into reality. I didn’t know how to bring the concepts from my brain onto paper, and restlessness thus had a certain affinity with frustration.

But now restlessness’s meaning to me has evolved again. Now my restlessness seems to come from two sources. The first is when I witness or read about the cruelty and horrors of the world. I become so overwhelmed with anger and energy and passion and sadness, that my brain grinds to a halt and I don’t know how to exert my energy into something that will help the world. The newspaper itself was born from this kind of restlessness. It started from the overwhelming energy that was building up inside of my heart as a result of the cruelties that were taking place across the world. Eventually, it all reached its peak and the newspaper was created, like magma turns into lava as it erupts from a volcano.

The second type of restlessness that I experience today is one that I think is really quite relevant to many people my age. It begins from the concept that young adults are treated like children but expected to act like adults. I know that I have been caught between these polarities so many times, and often it is quite an excruciating thing to experience. The anger and restlessness that builds from being trapped between two worlds but being denied access to either one is monumental and quite impacting. I find that this kind of restlessness leads to bursts of creativity as I am trapped and in order to escape, I must escape mentally and creatively.

So looking at all of the different meanings of restlessness I have experienced, I think that overall, restlessness means change. As there is always a point that it bubbles over and is released from the individual.

Who/what inspires you to act out and be restless?

I categorise the things that inspire me to be restless into two categories: positive and negative.

The negative aspects of life (cruelty, bullying, war, violence, discrimination) certainly inspire me to make big, grand changes. The kind of restlessness that they inspire is pounding and deep, making me feel sad to the point that eventually something erupts, and change is born. These kinds of things are what inspired the newspaper (which I think has been my grandest act of restlessness.)

And then I believe that the positive influences encourage restlessness that relates to creativity. People such as Tavi Gevinson and her youthful way of viewing her life certainly inspire me to create and do more. I think other positive influences like nature, the sunshine, flowers, and large bodies of water (like the ocean!!!) also fill me with a sense of restlessness as their beauty is just so unbelievable.

Who/what inspired you to start The Restless Times?

The Restless Times was undeniably a direct result of sadness about the world and its condition. I remember in the lead up to its creation I felt so at loss about the world; it was around the time of Donald Trump’s inauguration and terror attacks and other horrors such as the sudden increase in the deterioration of nature. I would lie in bed, staring at the ceiling, waiting for an idea to strike in order to release the tension that was building in me.

I was listening to an artist called Tim Minchin quite a lot during that lead-up, and his songs definitely had influenced the way I was thinking. I remember that I had become rather satirical and had developed an existentialist manner of thinking. I was also physically separated from someone that I loved dearly during that time (he was on the other side of the world) and I felt as if I had totally been worn down by everything.

But I was determined to find a way out. So for nights on end I would not sleep, trying to think of ideas to relieve the tension and restlessness that was building. And then eventually one night, I remember reading a very sad news article (I don’t remember what it was about) and it caused such a movement within me that my restlessness reached its peak. And then I had the epiphany that resulted in The Restless Times.

In today's society, what do you think the value of publications like The Restless Times are?

It’s funny, because the idea of a newspaper is so seemingly out-dated, but in reality it is more relevant than ever. In this day and age, everyone is so focused on being connected and newspapers have a fascinating credibility for this. They can connect people through the joint learning of knowledge and empowerment. The growth that a reader can witness just by reading about what is happening around them in their world can have such an impact that they are inspired to reach out and connect with others.

And finally, what do you hope the readers take away from TRT with every issue that comes out?

I hope that our readers obviously leave with a sense of restlessness. I hope that they read the effort of our writers and see the effort of our photographers and feel an energy build inside of them. I hope that they realise that there is also good news out there, amongst the bad, and that the entirety of the human population isn’t as cruel as other news sources tell us we are. I think hope truly is the only way to combat the horrors of our world, because we cannot do anything as a community if we cannot bear a smile.

Find Darcy on instagram, @darcyynic, and of course, follow @therestlesstimes on the gram as well. Be on the look out for Issue 3, coming out May 1st, and you may see some familiar faces, or words for that matter.

Love & light,