April Favorites

FullSizeRender.jpg Oh, April. I feel like April is always a very nostalgic month for me. Not quite winter anymore, but not quite the humid summer yet either. My April has been filled with laughs, assignments, red nail polish (surprise surprise), realizations and a crazy good soundtrack. Hoping for May to be even better.


Thrifting- this month I went thrifting a few times, and I just keep being reminded how much I love second hand shops. Whether I find a stellar pair of gap jeans that fit me perfectly, or knick knacks, you never know what you’ll find at Goodwill.

Writing- This month I have been writing more than I especially do, between school, journaling and public purposes. I contributed to this month’s issue of The Restless Times, and I had a great time writing my two pieces. I also came up with a new series I’ll have here on the blog, called What Do Words Mean to You?, and it’s something I am really enjoying planning and creating, and hope you will enjoy viewing. Part II out soon, so keep an eye out :)

Journaling- Even though I just said writing, my journal has been an oasis for me these past few weeks. While I have been slacking and not writing everyday like I used to because of the fact that I pass out as soon as I hit my bed, when I do find the time to journal I’m reminded how important it is to me. Journaling is so beneficial for your mental health, and getting your feelings out will help you so incredibly much. I cannot stress this enough, which is why I’ll be posting journal prompts in the near future to spark creativity from if you cannot just word vomit, like me.


Florida- For spring break, my family and I drove down to Florida, an 18 hour drive from New Jersey. I was so mesmerized by the weather, the people, the fruit, the white sand, everything. It made me feel like an island girl for a week, and I want nothing more.

The Messy Heads- Nothing new, but this month my love rekindled once I went through my Issue 1 that I spent all of last summer putting my thoughts into. This is the publication our time needs right now, so thank the universe we have it at our fingertips.

Keith Haring- I found out about Haring in my 8th grade drawing exploration class from my wacky teacher, but his art has been in the back of my mind ever since. I have a totem project sitting on my shelf filled with all of his doodles, and I look at it everyday. Something about the simplicity in his drawings is so refreshing.

NASA- I went to the Kennedy Space Center on my last full day in the sunshine state, and my dreams of being an astronaut were suddenly more vivid than ever. If there is one thing every person in this world should take interest in (besides human and animal rights of course) I think the coolest choice would be space. So cool.


In The Country We Love- A memoir by Orange is the New Black and Jane the Virgin star, Diane Guerrero. One of the most touching stories I have heard in a while. A must read.

The History of Love- My English teacher recommended this book to me and I read it on the way and in FL. This is such a beautifully structured story, and one that will make you sit back and think “WHAAATTTTT?!?” but in the best way. Nicole Krauss is a wordsmith.

The Get Down- Alright I haven’t been reading this since it’s a show, but I’m going to slip in it here. Part 2 came out at the beginning of April and it is SO good. The soundtrack is even better. Please watch this show and please listen to the soundtrack, do yourself the favor.

Between The World and Me- I started reading this book yesterday, but I can already tell it is one I am going to be talking about for years. This is a book everyone should read to even feel the surface of what it feels like to be a person of color, especially black, in today’s day and time. Ta-Nehisi Coates is amazing, too.


Vans- I think I was born a Vans kid. I wore mine all throughout middle school, and wore a pair of sk8-hi's transitioning from middle to high school, and now I'm back to my obsession. My slip ons are my new best friends, and my old skools are my new weapons.

GAP denim- When I went to get some new threads for my Florida trip from Goodwill, I spotted two pairs of barely worn Gap jeans, and it was love at first sight. They fit me perfectly, and have such a good cut. If you can find them anywhere, try them on, or any kind of old jeans for that matter. Denim from years ago has such a different look and feel to it than today's denim, and there's just something I love about it.


As always, my monthly playlist. All over the place, but who does that even surprise anymore?


Have a beautiful May. With love and light,