Thrifted Lookbook: Florida

Last month, I went to Florida for 2 weeks. I shoved all the clothes I thrifted in the previous weeks into a duffle bag, and hoped for the best. Thrifting & second hand clothing will help you find what you actually like, and not just what's trendy or on the racks of retailers thriving on sweat shops. Grab a few friends & a disposable camera, and head to a thrift shop this upcoming weekend, I promise you will have the time of your life shuffling between colorful boas and funky hats. Or, host a clothing swap with your besties, and steal your favorite things from their wardrobe, while they steal theirs from yours, and do so without harming the environment (or economy).

Shirt & Gap Denim jeans thrifted, checkered Vans slip ons

Shirt from a friend (come & get it Ky) and thrifted Calvin Klein jeans cut into shorts

I don't know what this is but I kinda miss being burnt

Random gray tank, thrifted Levi's 501's cut into shorts

Vans off white old skool's

Rings I picked up from Goodwill

One of my favorite tee's I found at Goodwill, and the same cut off Calvins

My favorite ring

A brand new Billabong (I think?? Or Bongo) backpack I found at Goodwill for $8... YES!?!?!?

Salty hair

Also another one of my now favorite tee's, old school Ralph Lauren Polo with, yet again, the same Calvin cutoffs with the only belt I own

Go to your local thrift shop, consignment store, or flea market, and pick up some new pieces. You'll feel so much better about shopping, trust me.

PS!!! Check out the first episode of "What Do Words Mean To You?". It's something I'm so proud of and happy about, and hope you enjoy it. And check out the first blog post for the series HERE!

With love and light,