July Favorites

July... one of, if not the, best months of year. July has always looked like clear skies and dewy skin, and smelled of salt and peaches to me. This month was exactly what I needed to really feel summer, and take some time for myself. Filled with fresh fruit, sunglasses, old photos and good books, here are my favorites for the glorious month of July. Traveling- As mentioned in my last photo diary, I flew to visit my grandparents in Poland at the beginning of this month. After seemingly never ending passport struggles, I finally booked my ticket and made it here safe and sound. I haven't visited in five years, as opposed to visiting every summer like I did before that time, but it feels good to be in a place you've longed to be in for so long.

Walking- Odd, I know right? By this I mean that I've been walking everywhere since being out of the US. Back home, if you aren't in a big city, your first instinct is to get in a car if you need to get somewhere. In every other place, it seems like people will use every other method possible before reaching for their keys; walking, biking, rollerblading, skateboarding, taking the bus, tram. Overall, it just makes you want to be more mindful of your instincts, and utilize your resources better.

Looking through old photos- Earlier in the month, I dug up boxes on boxes of old photographs in the closet in my room here at my grandparents home. I found my moms photos, grandpas, and even my grandmas grandparents. A picture really does say a thousand words. Petra Collins- As of late, Selena Gomez has been everywhere, because of this new era of herself she's introducing, and it's getting so much love. The one behind all the visuals is Petra Collins, who is so good. Hard to explain what feeling her work gives you, but it's mystical.

What The Health?- A documentary that blew up this month, and for all the right reasons. If you are not already vegan, you will be after this (if you're a reasonable human being). A must watch.

Alexis Bennett- The newest members of one of my favorite publications, Halcyon Girls, is a young photographer with so much potential. Her photos are so lovely.

Foreign cities- As I said before, I am nothing but flabbergasted with the European transportation system, and with that, everything else. Life here is so different, and I know this lifestyle spans far outside the borders of Europe. Hopefully someday I can see it all. I Am Malala- The story of one of the biggest heroes of our time, told by her. A must.

The Restless TimesIssue 6 launches tomorrow! While waiting, reread some of the past issues, with pieces having o do with just about anything.

For more up to date updates, follow my Goodreads, as that's where I log all of my endeavors in the reading world.

Dainty jewels- I found loads of cute jewelry in shops here, and have been wearing it almost everyday since. A touch of gold here and there never hurt anybody.

Funky sunglasses- Again, just looking through windows in the city I've found some of my favorite accessories, or even inspiration for a lot of things. I now have a pair with parrots, one with moving stars, and sick reflective ones.

Scrunchies- At a flea market I went to in June, I found a cute stand run by a lady wearing an Asian conical "rice" hat who had tons of scrunchies on little rungs. I bought five for $3 or something like that, and she told me I was beautiful as I was walking away, so now I wear one everyday with her in mind.

Not bras- Self explanatory... FREE THE MF NIPPLE!!!!!!

Bread- I eat bread every day, with almost every meal. Unlike many places, people here are not afraid of carbs, which is the way it should be. Bread with jam, hummus, veg butter... the way to my heart.

Yogurt w/ cereal- I feel like I'm 7 again, eating chocolate shells or corn flakes with vanilla yogurt. Little things beat this quick treat.

Juicing- This is actually a recent addition to my favorites, but nonetheless, a favorite. My grandma bought an awesome juicer and today we made juice out of a lot of straggling fruits; grapefruit, apples, bananas, carrots, lemons, peaches, nectarines. Pretty much everything we picked from the garden that has already began to get super soft, and some things we bought just for the juice. So good, and great for you as well.

Out a lot- While this hasn't necessarily been the friendliest of causes to my wallet, it sure is benefiting my stomach. There are so many cool vegan "holes in the wall" if you will around here, and pretty much anywhere, if you are willing to look.

@itsrochana- I've known of this babe for years now, compliments of my old Justin Bieber fan account. She posts some of the dreamiest photos on my feed, and I can't help but swoon over each one.

@originally.jd- This ball of light really epitomizes the whole smart yet cute yet amazing girl image. She is so cute, and I look forward to hearing her opinions on each book she reads.

@chakabars- This man posts everything from fitness to racial issues to food and I love it. Following his account has helped me gain so much knowledge about information that main stream media just does not promote and/or put out.

@sza- What can I say? I've been listening to SZA's stuff for years now, and can promote nothing but good things about her. Not only is her music absolutely phenomenal (not only the songs under her name, but the loads she's written for others as well), but she also has a charming, funny and comforting personality. She feels like a big sister.

@byalexisbennett- The gem that I mentioned before. Her insta is so raw, it makes you feel like yourself.

@disposable.diary- These two girls from the west coast documenting their teen years on disposable cameras. What's more fun?

My monthly playlist, this month's got a little messy, but one for the books.


Hope August treats you well. With all my love,