A Month Of The Self

In this busy age we live in, as teenagers & young adults especially, there is rarely time to slow down. Well, it's not really that there isn't time, it's that we don't make the time.

Whether that time is spent winding down, doing things we love, sleeping in... we need time to slow down, both physically and mentally. I know a lot of us, including myself, are going back to school this month, or within the next two, and even if you aren't, we'll all be running around, not taking the best care of ourselves. Here is a month's worth of activities to do to care for yourself, the first person who needs to be well.

  1. Read a book. Seriously. Go to the library, and look at the new arrivals, or at the advanced reader's copies, or just eenie-meenie-minie-mo a random book. You'll aways find something useful tucked in the pages.
  2. Pick up a disposable camera. For around $7, you can take some of your favorite photos to date, and have the anticipation build while you wait for them to develop. A whole adventure.

  3. Get active. Go run, do some yoga, surf.
  4. Leave your phone at home.
  5. Go for a walk/train ride/bus ride with no destination. You never know where you'll end up.
  6. Meditate. It really does help, even just sitting in solitude for a few minutes. I'm thinking of doing a post all about meditation, what do you think? Let me know!
  7. Take some photos. Whether it's of dew on grass, your best pals or your sister. You love them c'mon snap a flick.

  8. Write it down so you don't forget.
  9. Create something. Drawing, music, painting, sculpting, writing, speaking...
  10. Go out into nature. 
  11. Admire yourself. This seems odd to say, but take some time to really look at yourself. Your internal and external traits, get to know them, well. Look at yourself in a positive light. Look in the mirror, take some selfies, draw a self portrait.

  12. Go thrifting. I think thrifting is the best way to find your own personal style, as you have every style of every era of every age at your fingertips, and you can choose what you as an individual like, not what Vogue likes.
  13. Write 3 letters to yourself; younger, current, and future. This one really helps you put yourself in a steady mindset, and set your intentions.
  14. Learn something new. Or at least start. Ballet, a new language, how to make Babcia's pierogi.
  15. Pamper yourself.
  16. Play a game. Tag with your dog, a board game or Connect 4. Disconnect for a while. 
  17. Smell the roses. Or whatever other flowers you & mom have planted. 
  18. Notice the little things. A girl's sick socks on the train or how someone's eyes seem to change shades throughout the day.
  19. Set your intentions & goals. Short term and long term.
  20. Loan your friends your camera for a day. This also works really well for the weekend, especially on film cameras. You never know what you're gonna get until you get the shots or film back, so you're in for a nice surprise. It also helps you get to know your loved ones on a different level.

  21. Go somewhere new.
  22. Eat plant based for a day. Watch Cowspiracy, What The Health, and Sustainable while you're at it. Realize the impact you can make and the change you can initiate by first changing your diet, then your lifestyle.
  23. Dedicate the day to immersing yourself in a topic you've been meaning to delve into more. 
  24. Go do whatever your 7-year-old self would do. Currently, this means hanging on the monkey bars at my grandparents' house for me.
  25. Help anyone and everyone you see who seems to need assistance.
  26. Engage in conversation with a stranger.
  27. Vow to make every situation in a day positive. And vow to make this an everyday thing.
  28. Watch a TED Talk.
  29. Have someone in your family/friends/loved ones tell you a story you've never heard before. My Babcia and I used to do this every night, A Life Story we called them.
  30. Finish something.
  31. Start something new.
  32. Seize the day. A bonus. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this, and benefit from some of the daily assignments I challenged you to. If you like any of these in particular, and end up doing any of them, tell me about it! I'd love to hear about your endeavors, as you hear enough of mine. With all my love,

Psst... all photos taken by me. Or Phil. Also, if you're reading this comment your favorite word and why, using it for an upcoming project... Big & exciting things coming soon... XO