Soundtrack For Slow Summer Days

As the end of august approaches, I constantly feel like im in a limbo between trying to get into the mindset of beginning school or trying to live out my last few days of summer. Days went by which turned into weeks before my eyes and May quickly changed to August like the cloudy weather did to smothering heat here in Southern California. The same songs are played on repeat whether im driving my car through the canyon every day to work or im getting dressed up with my friends to go out. More time has been spent alone recently than ever and days drag by. Time stretches out in the morning and is spent in bed with coffee as warm sunlight flits through my windows onto the walls of bedroom. Afternoons fly by as I try to plan out my evenings which frequently consists of laying out in the sun or racing out of the house to catch the sunset.

Here is a list of songs that make the days feel a little longer and remind me of dancing barefoot on warm pavement, long vintage floral dresses, feeling the sun on my bare skin, eating peaches and reading a good book, or driving around with the windows down as the sky turns from vibrant orange hues to black.

Words & photos by Kira & Lauren; go check them out @kkiiramarie @laurenfaciana @disposablediary