August Favorites

photos by Kira @kkiramarie & Lauren @laurenfaciana, @disposable.diary

August has been always been a month of endings & beginnings for me. It is always bittersweet for me, but this year, definitely more sweet than bitter. Here's to moments turning into memories, dreams turning into moments.


Visiting- This past month, as apparent from my other posts, I have been away from New Jersey and overseas visiting family. While there, I spent a lot of time visiting places; old and new. Whether it was the countryside where I used to spend every summer running around making flower crowns, or cities that I'd never been to before.

Focusing- A point that sounds just as odd as the previous, but something that deserves attention. August was a time to unwind, and for me that meant focusing & paying attention to what I was doing. Although I wasn't very faithful to meditating, I became a lot more mindful of the things I do, and would highly suggest focusing on what you do in September.

Watching movies- I'm including this subcategory just to tell you to go watch Almost Famous. Best movie ever.


The Messy Heads Issue 4: Home- I came home (aha no pun intended) eager to pop this baby open and boy was I surprised. I knew this issue was going to be great, but it was beyond. I can't even put into words how amazing this overall publication has grown to be, because it would definitely be an understatement. Some of my favorite pieces in the issue are Pancake Day, Plastic Covered Couches, What Time Is It There?, Endless Blue and At Home In Your Body. Buy your copy here!

Sam Troilo- I can't quite remember how I came across Sam, but I'm so glad I did. From her photos, to her art (the sticker down below is her design), to her writing (Endless Blue in the Messy issue is written by her!), she is just the ultimate babe. Glad to know a Jersey girl like her.


The Restless Times- I am always proud of the team of this newspaper, but this month's issue really hit it out of the park. From covering nuclear crises, to the Nigerian conflict, to the struggle of millennials, the people on board this publication can do it all. Check out Issue 7 here, and share it with a friend too. Tell me your favorite article in the comments!

Jaci Bujanda- Earlier this month, I came across an account on Instagram called @photosbyjaci. Little did I know, that this 16 year old NYC native would soon become one of the most talented people in my address book. Not only are Jaci's photos amazing, but when I interviewed her for the Splendor Circle (read that here!), I found out that she is as sweet as sunshine on a cloudy day. Check her out.

Kira & Lauren- These two Cali babes are now helping me with having some sweet photos for the blog! The photos up top are their work. Check out their little takeover here, and their joint instagram, @disposable.diary.


Seafoaming- Now, before I start talking about this blog, I'd like to address the fact that Abby is one of the most splendid people I have had the pleasure of meeting (internet meeting? Who knows.). Her blog,, has been one of my favorites for a while now, and it just keeps getting better. Her videos, to her writing, everything about her proudly but lovingly yells Aussie dream girl.

Old journal entries- Weird, I know right? I've been keeping a journal for approximately 638 days straight now, and the growth that I have experienced between the pages of these notebooks is unreal. Whether it's looking at old writing, old photos, old paintings, whatever, I find that there is something so comforting in holding an old piece of yourself in your hand, and being at peace with it.

Words Like Loaded Pistols by Sam Leith- A book that I have to read for my AP English summer assignment, but have actually been thoroughly enjoying. Definitely not a light read, but still one that is worth your time and concentration.

Harry Potter- 1st September 2017. 19 years later. The scar had not pained Harry for nineteen years. All was well.


Overalls- My trusty overalls had me covered this month (can I stop it already with the disgusting puns). But for real, I need a pair that are actual overalls and not just over half of my thigh, so if anyone finds a cool thrifted pair that'll fit a 5'10 giraffe like me, send them my way!

Hair naturally- This isn't really new, but I've been wearing my hair naturally for a long time now. I can't remember the last time I put a straightener to my hair, but I can remember the damage I did to my hair in 7th grade with that thing. It feels good to have my curls bounce around and live a little, especially since I chopped all of them off earlier today (a September favorite hopefully?) to donate. It feels good.


Secondhand- As always, I hope this doesn't come as a surprise anymore. With fall coming, all I'm really going to do is add layers with cute old hoodies and hats. I'm thinking of making a fall/winter style lookbook, or maybe even series.

Scarves- I loved wrapping a scarf around my ponytail this month to give it a little something extra, and will definitely be wearing more scarves as the winter approaches. Also! My mom is basically the queen of knitting, and was looking to sell some of her knits, which would mostly be scarves but I could look into personal requests. Would anyone reading this be interested in handmade knits? She's really excited about it and would luvvvv seeing people besides my little sister and me rocking her work.. let me know in the comments, my email or dms!


Good. I didn't want to leave this section out, but I'm still vegan and focused in more than ever this month on the impact my lifestyle change made and continues to make on the world we live in. Please watch Cowspiracy and What The Health to change your life.


Vinyl- Tell me how late I am, please. I never got around to getting a record player, even though I have records, but this month I finally did and I have never been happier to hear Tiny Dancer by Elton John start playing. Something about being able to hold the music in your hand, whether on a vinyl, a cassette or a CD.

As always, my monthly mixtape. Enjoy these grooves, as August was a sick month for music.


Hope September treats you well. With all my love,


P.S! I'm looking to do more installments of The Splendor Circle & That's What S(He) Said, so let me know who you would like to see in Splendor, and what topics to be in S(He)! All for now xo