September Favorites

A month of slowness, with simultaneous speed. A messy one, all over the place. A summer breeze.


Yoga- Every time we pick activities in gym, I pray to get yoga and always enjoy it. I unfortunately fail to make time for myself to do it at home among other things, so doing it in first period PE class on a gymnastics spring floor is something I can look forward to.

Writing- So surprising. September was an extremely busy month for me, and the following few will be for me as well. I have always found solace in writing, but have not had all the time in the world to do it these past few weeks. What keeps me sane is being able to articulate my thoughts somehow, and be reminded of what I want to get out of all I am doing. Whether that is writing in my journal, or on my hand, or in the margin of my physics notes, it's always something that benefits me.


Learning languages- I have been learning Spanish in school since 1st grade I think, and I am almost completely fluent. I decided to start learning French & Italian in the spring, and am also fluent in Polish because of my roots. Language is something I have cherished for a long time, as it is the foundation of how we communicate, ad find it so important to understand this. Every night I try to dedicate a few minutes to going over my Spanish conjugations and French nouns on Duolingo, an


d it's where I find a lot of peace and hope, for some odd reason.



Mercer Street Books & Records- Earlier in the month, I went into the city with a friend and while we were walking from Bowery to get something to eat, we stumbled upon a few packed bookshelves outside, so I naturally had to go in. The store is all used or advance copies of books, so all of them are discounted. Amazing. She grabbed a copy of a book that isn't out yet called "I Am, I Am, I Am", and I'm gonna steal it once she's done.


The 1900's- Odd, I know. I am someone who has been infatuated with the past, specifically the 1900's, for all my life. From the roaring 20's to the Civil Rights movement to rock and roll domination in the 60's and 70's, I've always felt connected to those times, and I've been thinking a lot about the past.

Humanity- Another odd one. It's so easy to see the bad in people, and all the terrible & despicable events taking place on Earth, but you have to remind yourself that there is still good in people, and you can be one of those people. You have to stop waiting for someone to do something, and act as if the only person that can do it, is you. "The future belongs to those who can see it."

The Restless Times- Something I marvel at more and more each month, simply because the passion behind this publication is magnificent. The people who I feel like I have grown with immensely over the past few months continue to put their all into The Restless Times, and it is so sweet seeing all of it come together at the end of each month, no matter what. Check us out here.



Just Kids by Patti Smith- I finished this masterpiece at the beginning of the month and I have no hesitation when I say that it has become one of my favorite books of all time.  This book is more than just a memoir; it is a vivid retelling of a story that you want to have retold to you over and over and over because you love it so much.

Brit Lit- I am taking AP Language this year, and since I skipped British Literature, the first few weeks of the class we have been analyzing British text. I have fallen in love with the writings of Andrew Marvell, and Robert Browning, and the effort that has to be put in to understand what these people are really trying to convey through their words.

The New Yorker- My English teacher has crates of multiple years worth of The New Yorker in her classroom, and everything from the covers to what is inside is amazing. I love the feeling of picking up a newspaper or magazine or anything that I can physically hold in my hands, and I hope that people will start to appreciate print again.

I'm With The Band by Pamela Des Barres- As I said before, I have always been interested in the time when rock n roll reigned, but after watching Almost Famous in the summer, my mind has been stuck on the people who lived through this. Des Barres was one of the most prominent female faces of the 70's, and reading about her experiences feels like the cushions of a crappy tour bus couch and random guitar strums in the background.


Jeans- Trying to break out of my leggings & a sweatshirt everyday cycle that I seem to fall into every school year, I have been putting on jeans (riveting, I know) on more and more, and it just feels better. I got a vintage Levi's sherpa trucker off depop over the summer, and am so excited to wear it more often once it gets consistently cold.

Curls- As predicted, I have been having mixed feelings about my newly cut short hair all month. I wear it down a lot, but I wear it up more. It feels so different not having something to almost... hide behind, if that's the right expression to use. I also throw it up because it's more practical for me most of the time, as I'm always running around, doing one thing or another.


Sweet potatoes- Having not been the biggest fan of these for a while, once they started appearing on my grocery list more and more, I was proud. I love sweet potatoes baked, cut in half, and then slathered with hummus & avo with some tomato & onion mixed in or on the side. Something else I made a few days ago were sweet potato quesadillas, except I didn't have nutritional yeast, so I decided to keep them sweet by adding some agave & pepper flakes. So good.

Sushi- Something really easy, inexpensive & yum. Just seaweed, rice, and veggies of your choice. I like avocado & cucumber, but I want to try to make some others.

Carbs- I think September was a really big month for the vegan community, as What The Health seemed to go viral and everyone was talking about it. 3 of my friends have recently gone veg because of being exposed to this information, and it is so wonderful to see. I just wanted to remind everyone that you get energy from carbs, and they are your friend! Eat clean & please go vegan, as the most inevitable and crucial war that is being fought on people is the war on food. Educate yourself!


As always. Enjoy :)

All the love in the world,

Jenna xo