October Favorites

October was a month that was really tough, but I really seemed to have needed it. Here are some of the parts I'm most fond of.

img_6735Reflecting- This month has been a big one for me. I felt a weight on my shoulders for a few weeks, and it feels like it is finally lifting. I've been needing to sit down with myself and just breathe for a little at times, and this has been something that has helped me tremendously.

Drawing- Lately, I have been really into getting my feelings out through visuals, and I've found refuge in inky pens & shitty hand eye coordination. My little doodles may not be the best, but they keep me sane.

img_6736Jane- Earlier in October, I went to see a screening of Jane at the NYFF. Needless to say, my little environmentalist heart was overflowing with love and happiness and everything good. Such an amazing film, visually and thematically.

Rookie- It seems like I have always known who Tavi Gevinson was, and my fascination with everything she does has never faded a bit. From the yearbooks to the podcast, the contributors to Rookie do a really good job at making you feel at home.

Stranger Things 2- YOU KNOW YOU SAW THIS ONE COMING!!! I cannot express how much this sequel exceeded my expectations. The acting, the score, the cast (inside and out of character), everything about Hawkins- just marvelous. Please watch if you haven't yet, and let me know what you think.

Film- After watching Jane, and seeing all the trailers beforehand, I have become a complete film geek. I always have been actually, now that I think about it. I am so looking forward to watching Lady Bird, BPM, The Square and The Florida Project. Watch the trailers!

img_6737The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde- Within a few pages, this book became one of my favorites of all time. From cover to cover, the whole thing is amazing, including the preface, as well as the story of what happened after it was published. "Days of summer, Basil, are apt to linger." - pure magic.

The Lotos Eaters-I am such an English nerd, I know. Just read it. It makes me see purple hazes and long green vines; such a calming piece of writing.

Print- I am extremely happy to say that among all the craziness of this month, I managed to find time to sit down and read. I spent a lot of that time reading The New Yorker, and Nylon, and felt taken back for some reason. Nothing beats seeing words on a piece of paper and feeling them resonate for you; such a peculiar, unexplainable feeling. img_6738Jackets- Here in the Northeast, it is 70 degrees one day and 40 the next, and I wish I was kidding when I said that. In the mornings especially it is frigid out, and I have resorted to layering, which marks the beginning of the best season of the year. Between jean jackets, bombers, hoodies- I love it all. img_6740Stir fry- An all time life saver/favorite/necessity is rice with some sort of vegetable. Whether that be broccoli, asparagus, spicy tomato paste, you can make it exactly how you want. I recommend trying General Tso's tofu stir fry. So good.

Sushi- I rehashed my love for homemade sushi this month. So quick, easy and satisfying. img_6739

The Rookie Podcast- As mentioned before, I am a big fan of anything Rookie. Last spring, Tavi started hosting a podcast where guests such as Winona Ryder to the head of Planned Parenthood would join her. Some of these podcasts have changed my way of thinking in day to day terms, and are so much more insightful than scrolling through Instagram is. Some of my favorites are those that feature George Saunders, Lorde & Durga Chew-Bose. Listen here.

Watch- Billie Eilish

crushcrushcrush- Paramore

Ever Since New York- Harry Styles

Honey- Kehlani

Present Tense- Radiohead

Brown Sugar- The Rolling Stones

Sit Next To Me- Foster the People (my anthem)

Biking- Frank Ocean

These Girls- Sticky Fingers

October Mix (Spotify turns into the Upside Down when you listen to the ST soundtrack btw)


Thank you always. Sending love & light. XO