A month that always brings along a feeling of nostalgia, mellow voices and dusty orange. November felt like early sunsets, suburbia, delirious conversations and good music. img_0390


Sketching- I had lots to do at the beginning of this month, artistically. I felt pretty stuck and as though I couldn't get my thoughts & ideas out on paper for a while. Thankfully, I found solace in my journal (surprised?) and visually trying to express my ideas instead of trying to find words for them.

Reflections on Love- For the past few weeks, I have been working on a project titled Reflections on Love. It is a piece that I will be displaying at a gallery night at school, as well as publishing it here on the blog. The prompt for all pieces was simply "What is love?", and the submissions that I have received thus far are astounding. If you think you have anything to contribute (everyone does), please interpret this prompt in your own way and send submissions to


Lady Bird- The day after Thanksgiving, my mom and I got in the car and went to the nice movie theater in the next town over and saw this beautiful film. I wrote more about it in this post, but honestly, I don't think any review or synopsis could serve as much justice for this piece of art as seeing it would.

Daniela Daisies- Daniela's art caught my eye in November, because of her amazing line work and attention to detail. Her pieces are all so simple, but so intricate at the same time. Be on the look out for a feature with her on the blog soon!

St. Vincent- We all know New York, but the rest of St. Vincent's discography is remarkable. Please go give her a listen.

Gudak- Jonathan showed me this app, and it is one of the most creative ones I have used in a long time. Basically a digital disposable camera, where you don't get previews of the photos you take, can't take more than 24 exposures per hour, and have to actually wait 3 days for your photos to be "developed". Such an awesome idea.


M Train by Patti Smith- Unfortunately, I have had less time to read lately that I would like, but every chance I get to read, this is the book I've been turning to. Before bed, scrubbing my teeth, while I eat my rice. I love you Miss Patti Smith.

Crybaby Zine, Mad Sounds Magazine, Local Wolves- It is so refreshing seeing young minds come together to create something new and original. All of these publications are really pushing forward in every way,


Statement jewelry- I have picked up heaps of different earrings, rings, necklaces, these past few months, and have been trying to make use of them lately. An earring in the shape of a face in one ear and big jewel rings bring a completely new element to how you look, and how you feel.

Pins/patches/embroidery- I am the devil that pays attention to all the details, and these are little ones that just brighten my mood every time I see them. Express your political views, hobbies, or mood that day. Buy pins instead of sweatshirts when you go to new places, and learn how to embroider your favorite pair of jeans with your initials or favorite flower.

Stars- I would be surprised if this came as a shock to anyone, as I don't think there's ever not a star on my body somewhere.


Dumplings- Probably the best & most convenient food. Best served with spicy garlic sauce in a booth squished between friends.

Pesto- Working at an Italian restaurant has brought a whole new awareness to my taste palette, and I now eat pesto with everything. Technically not pesto, because it's just basil, garlic and olive oil, so call it what you want. Good with fresh bread, pasta or any other carb.


Maps- The Front Bottoms

Super Far- LANY

Hometown Girl- ZHU

Wanted You- Twin Peaks

PCH- Jaden Smith

Hand in my Pocket- Alanis Morissette

New York- St. Vincent

Hope December is great to you! Do something you've never done before. X