Been paying a lot of attention to the notes lately.


Hey, hope you're doing well. I've been listening to a lot of instrumentals lately, and have been thinking about you. I guess I never noticed how much of the movie soundtrack is music made specifically for the movie, and the lack of words. Listening to it after feels odd, like I'm in a dream, surrounded by colors, sounds, shapes, but can't make out what's actually happening. Listening to it after feels lonely, without the initial interest in the new arrays of notes, and composition. Without the welled up eyes, because something just felt perfect, watching the scene and hearing those sounds at that very moment. It feels nostalgic, whether it's Lady Bird or Stranger Things, like I was there. Anyways, tell your mom I say hello, and happy holidays!


Was cleaning out my bag and found this. It's been too long. Made me think of the paper cranes, airplanes, frogs, flowers, balls we used to make- and how that was a means of transport for our thoughts. Miss you xo


I started playing guitar again, after God knows how long. Can I borrow you sometime soon, so you can help me get in the swing again? All I've been playing is Riptide and Love Bug by the jo bros, and I can't say that I've mastered either quite yet. I just love the way they sound. Let's start a band!!!


Found this folded up receipt in my apron, from the night after work. Why we thought it was a good idea to get ice cream on the coldest night of fall beats me, but I miss the green bench and the table with all the initials engraved in it. Let's go again once spring rolls around.


I was going through my journal and found a conversation we had in quotes, and my words, laughing over it as I wrote down that day's chronicles. Just watched a movie where one of the characters says "Is there anything you don't know?". It felt like us, and summer and bike rides in the dirt and shaking sand out of our clothes.