A month of old friends, old photos and old songs. Thank you February.


A whole lot of nothing. February was a bunch of small moments that I can only remember from food receipts, movie ticket stubs, songs paused ready to be played as I walk back into my house after disconnecting from aux and clothes passed around. My camera roll looks like a quilt with a bunch of completely different little blocks and I want an actual quilt of February I can sleep under forever.


Parkland- Something that took up a lot of my mind in February was the Parkland shooting, and everything surrounding it. Seeing those kids, knowing a girl who goes to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, being in school the days following- it all feels like a trance. The bravery of those kids is unmatched. And they are beasts. I saw a tweet, and I think it's appropriate to reference here: Let the history books say that the revolution was led by teenage girls and boys.

Lily Finn- I stumbled upon Lily's Instagram earlier this month, and was instantly mesmerized by her photos. They feel like snapshots of dreams. Check out this diary she did for The Scintillation.

Durga Chew Bose- I first heard Durga's words when she was on the Rookie podcast, in mid 2017. The episode is titled Protect Your Flame, and seeing it in my Podcasts app makes my heart skip a beat every time. Everything that comes of Durga's mind reminds me of the color purple and really soft, thick rugs under your feet and the most put together mess ever. Please read her work. Listen to that podcast episode, read her Call Me By Your Name write up and her book, Too Much and Not The Mood.

Bleachers- This month I really fell in love with Jack Antonoff's brain. Please go watch a few YouTube videos that feature him, like making of Don't Take The Money & a day with Jack Antonoff. Thank me later.


Still Here by Rowan Blanchard- As soon as preorder for this book went up, I bought it. There's no way to describe it without having you read it. So read it.

Some of my favorite pages from Still Here

https://www.newstatesman.com/culture/film/2018/02/lady-bird-editing-cinematography-memory - This review of Lady Bird made me nostalgic- to watch the film over again (again), and of my life right now. So well written.

https://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/how-the-survivors-of-parkland-began-the-never-again-movement?mbid=nl_Daily%20022018&CNDID=40469879&spMailingID=12971483&spUserID=MjIxMTM0NTg4MDc2S0&spJobID=1341843325&spReportId=MTM0MTg0MzMyNQS2 - A really interesting look at the start of a revolution.

https://thenewinquiry.com/crushed/- (not from February, but you must read. Couldn't wait til the end of March to share. Makes you feel warm.)


Overalls- At the end of January I bought myself a pair of white Dickies' overalls, which promptly got stained the first time I wore them out, to an 80's party. I guess that's the beauty of that damned article of clothing; I love them.

Reworked clothes- I've been reworking clothes for a while, and have been meaning to see if anyone would be interested in actually spending money, & getting hand reworked vintage denim, or other clothes. I always get questions on the painted jeans I have, as well as other pieces I've customized, so if you'd be interested, contact me!


I have eaten an absurd amount of dairy free Ben & Jerry's this month. The fudge brownie & coconut seven layer bar flavors <3 thank u so much

Also, the monthly hummus with fresh pita. Nothing new to see here.

Black bean hummus- tried at an old friend's house with her mom way too late at night. Cant't remember if it was necessarily delicious or if I was just hungry. Maybe both.


This month's playlist was a trip!! Enjoy nonetheless.


Happy March baby!! This month's gonna be a good one I can feeeel the magic already