Reflecting on April, a month late.April was an extremely hectic month, with a lot of change in store for me, and the month where gears really began to turn and things began to move. April was the month I decided I would be moving across the country within a few weeks, as opposed to a few months. April was only 7 pages in my journal, spastic entries, fragments of thoughts, scribbled doodles, lines from books, movie quotes, lots of song lyrics. April was impulses and actions with little deliberation and premeditation. April was a lot (A LOT) of Frank Ocean and Childish Gambino and SZA. April was beginning to say goodbye, and dreading it. April was reminding myself over and over and over that this was all just for now; April was a whirlwind.

[wpvideo 0KrkT8xi ]


May will be up within the next few days. Xo

With love J