Train from Long Beach to LA


Just one long stream of thoughts I wrote down in my notes on the 2 hour train ride from Long Beach to Hollywood

There are trees with pink flowers at Willowbrook/Rosa Parks station. I passed through Compton. School just got let out houses are pink green orange white blue yellow rust abandoned. 10624 Graham ave? Maybe willowbrook? Pretty garden with sculptures and tiles. 103rd st watt towers now. There’s a mural of a girl. I wonder what happened to her. Black van with back tires completely flat. Barely any grass here. Balloon stuck on an electric line. Cement cement cement cement metal wires palm tree cement. Purple velvet as curtains. I already forgot everything from the beginning of this train ride. I knew I should have written it down. Being on trains always leaves everything fleeting. It feels like you pass through all these worlds and I always have this feeling of emptiness when I get off- as if I was able to digest everything I was seeing and let go of it too. It’s hard to explain actually I don’t know if it is hard to explain or if the thought has just already left my head along with my motivation to get it down type it out. I should have taken out my journal and pen, but I know sometimes people get scared when they realize you are watching them and writing down what you see don’t be scared. I’m just observing. I’m in love with you. Growing up I would always always always see people playing checkers or cards or jacks at tables at parks and I see it here still even after not seeing it for so long anywhere else. New York used to be filled with old men playing cards at the marble permanent tables. They all died and no one plays cards anymore. I have mine with me in my bag. Hopefully I can find someone to play with. Or maybe they all just found the Internet. WOW there are CACTI HERE! Wow. Another bad part of town but not as bad. You can see whats really going on how people really live from above. I passed by that cement ditch or something where all the famous car movies are filmed. You know what I’m talking about. Long Beach av? Again?! mine. I got lucky with this train. I like public transportation more than anything else I’ve found. More comfortable too quite frankly. This guy is smoking a j riding his bike wearing pink shorts. I love it PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING. You got a cigarette for sale? Nah man I don’t smoke cigarettes. You don’t smoke? I don’t smoke cigarettes... I smoke weed. Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Matt 11:28 Will you? LAPD. Scary. Homeless in tents. Not. Shopping cart and face down under a blanket. I wish was helping you right now I want to give you what I have. Staples center in reflection of window didn’t catch it quick enough Just do it swish on the side. Colin Kaepernick. Fuck donald trump fuck him. LA Conservation Corps with a purple and green board and dollar sign tattoo on left wrist. Wheels hit the ground half a second after he steps off the train and then they’re rolling rolling rolling. People are probably scared that I’ll write about them like this. Why? I would love to have someone write about me. It’s just what they see. I’m also lucky. Greasy handrail I need to wash my hands also didn’t tap my card wonder what’ll happen?