17 Things I Learned Before Turning 18

One thing I realized while I was 17 is that I love making lists. So here is a list of other things I learned while 17.

17 things I learned before I turned 18

  1. Order the waiter’s favorite

  2. Unless it’s the steak

  3. The only way out really is in

  4. You only get what you have the courage to ask for

  5. There is really no such thing as too loud

  6. As tough as it is to be open and vulnerable there is nothing more special and rewarding than keeping your heart wide, wide open

  7. Other things that don’t exist include the states of being overdressed or overeducated

  8. If you love something, SCREAM IT. That being said... don’t tell anyone everything because they’ll ruin it for you

  9. Don’t turn away from the things that scare you as those are the things that matter the most

  10. Everyone has something to share and you should let them. Be apart of making room to let that person speak and let them do the talking

  11. If someone sets a seat for you at the table, sit down

  12. GO TO YOGA. Even it it means dragging yourself there

  13. A change of scenery will almost always make you feel better

  14. So will dancing

  15. Music & sweatshirts are best shared

  16. You only end up regretting the things you did not do, and laughing about the ones you did and fucked up on. So do everything you possibly can

  17. There is no one better to learn from than yourself- so write everything down and then read, read and reread it until you can walk away from it knowing more

  18. Bonus 18... keep your nails red all the time. It is your weapon.


Today I bought a lottery ticket and Camel lights just like Lady Bird. Not everything after 17 sucks. Thanks for reading. Buy a t shirt if you haven’t already. Cheers to many more birthdays! With love, Jenna <3