At the beginning of January, I was in the place I used to call home, with people I have known for basically half of my life. I spent a few days trying to squeeze in as many day trips, walks around the block, drives to 711, dinners around the little table in Abby’s colorful kitchen… anything to get us together. The beginning of the year is always something special and feels out of the blue. I think I will always fall susceptible to the concept of “newness”- simply because I have found that I have no problem packing up my bags and starting over… as long as I can fill those bags with everything that’s made up said past period of time.

And I guess that’s what I’ve realized. With every new beginning comes a feeling of cleanliness and I know I am okay when I can unpack my bags and be happy to see what’s inside. The good, the bad, the ugly, the dirty, ugly, smelly, lovely, dreamed about, lost sleep over. Endings and beginnings really just do it for me and it’s hard for me to articulate what I really mean by this.

This month was a lot- of all of it. You know what when you read this back. And if you don’t.. well then, good for you.

I picked out my senior quote today. Another ending coming soon. The beginning of the end of this. I want to get better. I will. This is all for now.

My phone broke earlier this month and all my photos were gone. So I leave you with my view when I looked up from bed every day this month, my playlist and my senior quote. Cheers to ends, and beginnings, and to saying hello… and farewell!

With love, Jenna <3