I asked a few questions late one night on Instagram. Here are the responses

Biggest fear

Nothing after death

Being stabbed through the palm or sole of my foot. Completely irrational, just one of those things


that everything and everyone i know is fake or wrong




Not being loved/the world ending/war

Being abducted

probably my loved ones dying

Mediocrity and the dark

Only the dead are without fear. So, having no fear.


doing something that negatively effects my family (long term effect on em)

living an unfulfilling life

Probably being completely alone in life, like having no one

not living up to my own expectations.

drowning. everyone hating me. becoming disabled somehow and not being able to readjust.

The ocean

oceans ahaha

someone falling out of love with me before I do

Worst thing you’ve ever done

Fall in love with a boy that didn’t feel the same


Bought $600 worth on Mom’s Amazon account. She recouped most of it but it wasn’t right.

Why do you hate the person who hates you most?

super homophobic, racist as hell, very manipulative, compulsive liar, plays the victim

never gaf about me and my sister

They’re a dick


Bc they’re manipulative and like to put others in pain

I don’t

Don’t hate

They’re a disrespectful liar

can’t stay in their boundaries

Love everyone, hate none

He was an asshole to my mom

I dont hate because it makes u hateful and in the end, man we dont need this

for raping my best friend

bullied me for 5 years

Why do you love the person you love the most?

calms me down and sparks me up. lightning sharp mind tempered by infinite kindness and grace

because we share a brain

rides for me and is my truest supporter (miss dana)

they make me happy ((:

They’re an amazing human being

Peaches and because we choose to be soul mates every day that we are with each other

Bc she raised me with unconditional love through the best and worst of times

Because they love me the most

I don’t think I could live without them

She’s my role model

They are altruistic and benevolent.

The connection we have

she makes me feel safe

Biggest secret. Won’t tell

I think I’m haunted by my uncle who committed suicide before I was born. He’s a calming influence

I finally reached a point where I’m not constantly craving romantic love everyday !

My panic disorder was so bad during the summer that I didn’t want to live at some point.

I started smoking marij at 11. Lost myself w porn but back to reality. Not sure which.

i wanna become more “adventurous” in college but im scared how thatll play out

i’m not straight shhhhh don’t tell my family

I catfished my eighth grade boyfriend to see if he would stay faithful