21st century girl

I find myself feeling completely overwhelmed to the point where I cannot deal with my feelings but only let myself run away from them.

I love feeling overwhelmed I think.

I do something else. Overwhelm myself with something else.







never my own words on paper anymore how it used to be.

I got very overwhelmed today. At least I did a few sit ups to try to let off some steam but crunch crunch crunch doesn’t help much when my brain is running so far ahead. I am already in tomorrow morning, afternoon, this weekend, next Thursday. I want to write again but I can’t. Words have gotten too slow for me my mind goes too too fast. Reading or writing better to listen or watch instant gratification immediate satisfaction. I am the product of this 21st century I am a 21st century girl I do what I like but really it’s the opposite of what I like I am a 21st century girl