Statements and questions

What an enticing thought it is to look good.

I like running.

Do I actually like restricting myself?

I like dancing.

Do I really like doing that side step shit to avoid “embarrassment”?

I like learning.

Do I really like taking classes of no interest to me?

I like mingling.

Do I really like “harmless” gossip and talking shit?

I like listening.

Do I really like the shit that I fill my playlists and speakers with?

I like drawing.

Do I actually care about how well my figures come out?

I like feeling calm.

Do I really like doing all this to stay chill for a moment and then explode privately?

I like writing.

Do I actually like sitting here pretending like I care about half of this bullshit?

I like seeing.

Do I actually like wasting my time away, scrolling, sensory overload frying my brain cells?

Oh, what a simple decision it is to really feel good.