A weird thing has happened over the past few months that I haven’t been able to quite place my finger on until now.

I have always felt like a major character in my own life. When I was younger, I would stare in the mirror and ask myself, over and over, “who are you? who am I?" It scared me, not being able to grasp how much power and autonomy I really had over myself, and how this could be exerted outwardly into the world.

I am sure of myself and I know what I like. I like the color green, rice & beans and talking. I do not like olives, unforeseen physical affection nor nicotine. I just do, and I just don’t.

I have been aware of how fast time is moving and been able to catch up with it, running alongside.

However, in recent times, I quite literally have felt as though time is a kite, and I am latching on to the string, and the kite is flying, flying

f l y i n g away, fast fast not enough time for me to open my eyes without feeling the burning wind, to think for a minute without letting go of the string.

It all came so fast and I know it does for everyone but it is odd to be thrown off balance by your own mind. I guess you could argue that everything that happens in your life is based on your own mind, but that’s a rant for another day.

Latching onto the string,

hopefully the wind will die down a little soon,

I need a


With love, Jenna