Oh has it been a while since I’ve written. My journal is not filling up, in fact it feels like it’s shrinking and collapsing in on itself.

A month has passed since I last posted, and a year has passed since I moved here.

I started school, and I finished high school.

I made new friends. A lot actually.

I worked a lot, and cried at work.

I got my wisdom teeth out. Yesterday. Wisdom not found.

I applied to college, I got in, and now I’m going to the other side of the planet in 2 and a half months.

I’ve been stressed, but I’ve been happy. Not reading much, at all really, but I’m getting back on it this summer. Money stresses and leaving my mom and going to a place where it isn’t sunny 365.

I hope I’ll be okay.

All in a munf’s time