March was spent telling myself that none of this matters, and that all of this matters. Thinking of how small I am, but also, how big I am in this world.

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A month of old friends, old photos and old songs. Thank you February.


A whole lot of nothing. February was a bunch of small moments that I can only remember from food receipts, movie ticket stubs, songs paused ready to be played as I walk back into my house after disconnecting from aux and clothes passed around. My camera roll looks like a quilt with a bunch of completely different little blocks and I want an actual quilt of February I can sleep under forever.


Parkland- Something that took up a lot of my mind in February was the Parkland shooting, and everything surrounding it. Seeing those kids, knowing a girl who goes to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, being in school the days following- it all feels like a trance. The bravery of those kids is unmatched. And they are beasts. I saw a tweet, and I think it's appropriate to reference here: Let the history books say that the revolution was led by teenage girls and boys.

Lily Finn- I stumbled upon Lily's Instagram earlier this month, and was instantly mesmerized by her photos. They feel like snapshots of dreams. Check out this diary she did for The Scintillation.

Durga Chew Bose- I first heard Durga's words when she was on the Rookie podcast, in mid 2017. The episode is titled Protect Your Flame, and seeing it in my Podcasts app makes my heart skip a beat every time. Everything that comes of Durga's mind reminds me of the color purple and really soft, thick rugs under your feet and the most put together mess ever. Please read her work. Listen to that podcast episode, read her Call Me By Your Name write up and her book, Too Much and Not The Mood.

Bleachers- This month I really fell in love with Jack Antonoff's brain. Please go watch a few YouTube videos that feature him, like making of Don't Take The Money & a day with Jack Antonoff. Thank me later.


Still Here by Rowan Blanchard- As soon as preorder for this book went up, I bought it. There's no way to describe it without having you read it. So read it.

Some of my favorite pages from Still Here

https://www.newstatesman.com/culture/film/2018/02/lady-bird-editing-cinematography-memory - This review of Lady Bird made me nostalgic- to watch the film over again (again), and of my life right now. So well written.

https://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/how-the-survivors-of-parkland-began-the-never-again-movement?mbid=nl_Daily%20022018&CNDID=40469879&spMailingID=12971483&spUserID=MjIxMTM0NTg4MDc2S0&spJobID=1341843325&spReportId=MTM0MTg0MzMyNQS2 - A really interesting look at the start of a revolution.

https://thenewinquiry.com/crushed/- (not from February, but you must read. Couldn't wait til the end of March to share. Makes you feel warm.)


Overalls- At the end of January I bought myself a pair of white Dickies' overalls, which promptly got stained the first time I wore them out, to an 80's party. I guess that's the beauty of that damned article of clothing; I love them.

Reworked clothes- I've been reworking clothes for a while, and have been meaning to see if anyone would be interested in actually spending money, & getting hand reworked vintage denim, or other clothes. I always get questions on the painted jeans I have, as well as other pieces I've customized, so if you'd be interested, contact me!


I have eaten an absurd amount of dairy free Ben & Jerry's this month. The fudge brownie & coconut seven layer bar flavors <3 thank u so much

Also, the monthly hummus with fresh pita. Nothing new to see here.

Black bean hummus- tried at an old friend's house with her mom way too late at night. Cant't remember if it was necessarily delicious or if I was just hungry. Maybe both.


This month's playlist was a trip!! Enjoy nonetheless.


Happy March baby!! This month's gonna be a good one I can feeeel the magic already


August Favorites

August has been always been a month of endings & beginnings for me. It is always bittersweet for me, but this year, definitely more sweet than bitter. Here's to moments turning into memories, dreams turning into moments. 

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Broken Clocks

An excerpt from my journal, written while on the train to the city yesterday---

Yesterday, I went to the flea market and bought 4 records and around 20 photos from the 10's to 50's. I was literally in awe of the pictures& postcards this man had. Nazi postcards, normal postcards, letters, WWII photos & photo albums full of history. It was incredible. Time is so odd. All the photos were in B&W or sepia and it really seems like those moments are stuck in time. Like if youwent to that exact spot those photos were taken, those laughs, smiles, embraces, faces would still be there. I saw this one photo, from around the 40's, that I thought I'd picked up of a girl raising her arms over her head at the beach and having armpit hair. For some reason, I loved it. I also did pick up a picture that I love, it's in the album at home, and is my wallpaper on my phone. A girl laughing with her head resting on the steering wheel of a car, and a guy's butt sticking out, presumably while he's reaching over to get something or say bye to someone. The girl has the biggest smile on herface, and I can almost hear what's going on around the car. It's such a simple moment that 75 years ago seemed so insignificant to those people but means so much to me, almost a century later. On the back it just says, "3/25/45" in pretty script. Amazing...


"Alice Hyers,"

"Bill & Lu, June 46"

"Bill & Trish, June 15, 1947"

Postcard, probably from the 30's

A really interesting photo I found, in a handmade photo album burned in a fire, where all the photos were, from my history teacher's input, pre-Hitler times

"Christmas 1944", in the Philippines during WWII as per the man selling the photos

A postcard addressed to New Jersey from South Africa, in 1970

With love,


March Favorites (kinda)

020_06a March was been one thing: mumbo jumbo (two things? Who knows). Things I did in the beginning of the month feel like they happened months ago, simply because I had so much going on. These faves are a little scattered, not necessarily categorized, messy; just the way I like it.

Taking photos- I’ve always been one to enjoy being behind the camera more than in front of it, but this month I really remembered how much I enjoy taking photos. I love taking pictures of anything, especially warm lighting, cities, shoes and the beach (Here's the disposable diary from the beach!). I highly recommend getting a disposable for the next trip or just day you spend doing fun things, because film just has a totally different vibe than digital.

Teen Vogue- Something I fell out of for a while was Teen Vogue. I felt like every issue was the same, and like they weren’t really doing anything meaningful. But at the end of February, TV released the first edition of their “Love Issue”... and this completely changed my mind back to what I hoped I would think again. I hoped I could still feel so excited ripping into a Teen Vogue fresh out of the mailbox again, and this did just that. The Love Issue features so much incredible content, I don’t even know where to start. The covers with Bella, Sasha and Troye are all just so good, and they stand for something even better inside. I also went to the Teen Vogue poetry slam in the beginning of the month with my friend Faith, and it was life changing. I have lots of photos, so let me know if a photo diary would be something you wanted posted! Well done, Teen Vogue.

Books- Without going into much detail, I tried to read as much as possible within March, among everything I had going on. Here are some of the books I read (and am still reading) and loved:

Eat Pray Love- Elizabeth Gilbert

In The Country We Love- Diane Guerrero

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao- Junot Diaz

#GIRLBOSS- Sophia Amoruso

Packing For Mars- Mary Roach

Messy Heads Issue 2

Acai bowls- Enough said. Thank you universe.

Learning- This may seem a little odd and very broad, but March really inspired me to delve more into things I want to learn about. Whether that be French, yoga, crystals or Hitchcock, taking interests in things you enjoy and actually putting in effort to educate yourself on them feels so incredibly good.

Thrifting- Always been a favorite, but I really scored at Goodwill this month. Vintage gap jeans, belts, scarves, sunglasses… the list goes on. I’m going to Florida next week, and am hoping I can post a lookbook after I get back of outfits I make with thrifted items! You hold a special place in my heart Goodwill.

And of course, my playlist for this past month. Cheers to you, March.


Xo, Jenna

February Favorites

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset February was an interesting month for me, to say the least. Even though I feel that way at the end of pretty much every month lately, February sticks out. I was so busy, so in the moment, and so preoccupied with absolutely everything going on in my life that I barely had time to do anything I normally do to chill. It feels good though, but hopefully March will bring some relaxation into my life (and some warm weather). Here are some of the things I loved this month.


Everything, Everything - I thought I had outgrown the teen cheesy love story books, but I officially, have not. This book was so good, and although it was not something informative or something I was constantly highlighting or marking up, it was still such a nice read to put myself in a different world for a little. The movie comes out in May, and stars Amandla Stenberg and Nick Robinson, and I’m so excited to see it.

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao - I haven’t finished this book yet, but I’m a little over halfway done. It is fiction also, and the storyline is pretty much all about the unluckiness of a teenage boy, but it is so good. Junot Diaz is brilliant.

Piper Perish - Haven’t finished this out either (told you I’ve been busy), but this is actually a book I found in the advance reader’s book case at my library. There was a bunch of books that haven’t been released yet, and this was one of them. The blurb was about a girl from a small town wanting to live her life in a big city (sound familiar?), and all the things that come with the transition from wanting something to happen so badly to it actually happening. It releases March 7th, check it out!

7,300 Days - This collection of poems tells the story of the 20 years of Isabella Mente’s life. All I have to say is that I finished this entire book in one sitting because it was so beautifully written, and you must read it to treat yourself.

Milk & Honey - I finally got around to reading this and wow. Thank God. It pulled at every single one of the heartstrings in my chest it could possibly pull at.


My February playlist was kind of lame and all over the place, simply because I was barely on my phone this month, and didn’t have much time to listen to any music. But here it is:


Also, Kehlani’s SweetSexySavage came out on my 16th birthday, at the end of January, and it’s been what I have had on repeat for the past month. No exaggeration. My favorite person, who I will hopefully be seeing at Gov Ball in June… fingers crossed!


Red nail polish - A timeless classic that I’ve had on my fingernails since I could open a nail polish better. It just makes everything better.

Black high tops - I sort of forgot how much I loved my mightiest shoes in my closet until it got a little warmer (momentarily, in this wacky weather we’re having) and I started wearing them again… everyday. With everything, no matter what. You can never go wrong with Chucks.

Tees - So simple, but I just love going to Goodwill and scouting out vintage t-shirts with the weirdest things on them, like “I was born in 1962! When JFK was prez and The Music Man was all the rage”. I adore it.


Ellen Fisher - Ellen and her precious family live in Hawaii, and live a completely raw vegan lifestyle. Her videos are just so good and so feel good, you can’t help but spend hours watching them.

Abby Strangward - I have no ideas how I stumbled onto Abby, but her blog and her YouTube videos are so wonderful. She is just a beachy, sunny Australian angel who just reminds you of the feeling of the sun hitting your skin. Check her out :)

Retrograde - Emma’s old vlogs from summer are what cheer me up and remember that summer is going to be here soon, contrary to popular belief. I love The Messy Heads, and Emma, and these videos are groovy.

The Naked Diaries - Although I’m not exactly watching this, I’m still viewing the photos. I’ve been following this account for a few years now, and still love every single post. Taylor Giavasis, who created this profile, is such a beautiful woman, and I am inspired by her and all the people who embrace themselves through this Instagram everyday.


Random convos - this month, I became a really big fan of having conversations with anyone instead of basking in an awkward silence. Some of the best conversations you have will be ones you go out on a limb to have, so you might as well.

Teen Vogue Poetry Slam - Teen Vogue recently launched their Love Issue, and held a poetry slam in NYC in partnership with Urban Outfitters to celebrate the launch. I enjoyed myself so incredibly much at this event, surrounded by such like minded, creative people reading pieces so close to their heart. It was amazing.

Eating - A given that I’ve been eating, but just wanted to reinforce that going vegan is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I 110% hope 2017 is the year you do so too.

Let me know what some of your favorites this month were in the comments! Xo, Jenna