The Scintillation, founded by Jenna Elsetouhy in 2017, is an online publication rooted in creating a safe space for creatives from all around the world to see that there are others just like them. With a focus on social change, personal growth and the arts, The Scintillation is a platform hoping to cultivate, as well as showcase artists from all walks of life. 


Jenna Elsetouhy

founding editor-in-chief

Jenna is an 18-year-old who just moved to the suburbs of Texas from the oh so different suburbs of New Jersey. She likes to think that she was Penny Lane in a past life, and always orders the waiters favorite item on the menu. Her lucky charm is a star, and she spends her time trying to master absolutely anything and everything. If her nails aren’t red, a hug and an iced tea are probably needed. Find her whereabouts on her Instagram, and all over this site.

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Kira Marie

assistant editor

Kira is a Californian 18 year old with a love for 60s music, the color purple, sunrises, and dance parties to vinyl in her room late at night. Her days are spent in thrift shops, shooting film of her friends, or playing guitar instead of studying. She never brushes her hair and is usually found in vintage jeans from the boy’s section. She’s trying to figure out how to do the most with her life with the least amount of money and the biggest amount of passion. Find her adventures here


Arianny is a Dominican girl living in the Bronx. Living in the city has played a huge role on Arianny because she’s constantly on the go and she enjoys meeting new people from different backgrounds. Arianny has a love for fashion, art and learning about new things. Arianny is open to learning about different people and expanding her horizons for learning. Arianny also prefers the pronouns she and her. Find her thoughts here, and her photos here.

Arianny V.



Sorivel is a New York born, Dominican raised 23 year old from the Bronx. She is a queer woman of color which gives her writing and her life a colorful and unique perspective. Find her thoughts here, and her photos here.

Sorivel V.

social issue writer

Alexis Bennett is 17 years old and SoCal born and raised. She can be found watching movies, spending time with her friends who she adores, or taking film pictures. Her favorite place to be is in her room where she listens to music or reads her favorite nonfiction books. She loves being young and in love and making people laugh. She hopes to become a director one day. Find her photos on her website, or all over her Instagram.

Alexis Bennett



Alicja is an island child from Martha’s Vineyard on the edge of eighteen. She has an unmatched adoration for indie music, cinematography, shooting film and the color yellow. She dreams in color and can never stay in one place for too long. She hopes to live three teenage lifetimes worth before she’s twenty, always thinking with her heart and not her head. Find her thrifting for things she has ten of, up late making playlists, pressing flowers, and drinking earl grey tea with sun-butter toast, religiously.

Alicja Vickers



Kotryna is a Lithuanian 23 year old currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. Having lived in the UK and Australia had made her very adaptable and quite addicted to traveling. She has a huge passion for photography and exploring.  Barely ever without a camera as it has taught her to notice the little details and beauty around her at every moment. She shoots both analogue and digital and has a hobby of creating photo books. Find her photos here.

Kotryna Juskaite


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